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Temple Run 2 GAME

Temple Run 2 is the second installment of the most successful runner game, one of the most popular games, which redefined the meaning of the successful game. Until the time, temple run the first version of the game has been installed about 176 million times and still continuing. Temple Run 2 almost found it to stick to the original format of the game, offering the similar chemistry and running formats but have added the additional loving features to make the game heartthrob of the game geeks.

Tomb Runner

Ever since the first temple run was released, it was the biggest hit of the Mobile games, until the time; people love to run with temple run.

It is like you have stolen a curse or made a criminal mistake, and going to run to escape from that curse or being caught. In the game Temple run you are testing your reflexes, jump like a monkey, run like an athlete.

Temple run was awarded the most flexible and addicting game when it was released, and according to the TouchArcade forum, Temple run was called as a game of the week.

New developments in Temple run 2

The most and the popular attire of the temple run, the storyline is about to same. There are some new features which added the flavor in the grace of this application. New obstacles and power-ups have managed to keep the players more alert and active while playing it.

The power-up, in the previous Temple run, was limited, in this Temple Run 2, the power-ups are unlimited, and one can have whenever wanted.

If you are the one who loves the game, Temple Run, then must taste it at least once, you will definitely find the game worth to play and addictive as well.

One more great addition, the best in all other additions, you can change your character as well. By simple taps, you would be allowed to have different attire player and each of the character which is on the platform, will have different special characteristics and abilities and you can master each in turn.

Once you will have the character you will get to know and will learn how to handle the each of character in the game.

The graphics of the game are also improved and one will love to see the additional graphics of the game in Temple run 2. But, you need to pay the amount to unlock that feature of unlocking the characters in the game.

You will definitely find the game interesting to play, there are more than what a person demands from a game, and you will be addicted to playing the game.

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In the Temple Run 2 game, you will spend hours and hours to jump and not to hit the hurdles and obstacles in the game, by doing this, you will be awarded and collect the cash and coins.

Features of Temple Run 2 and Tomb Runner

  • Additional graphics to add more flavors to playing the game
  • New organic environment
  • Limitless powerups, jump whenever you want to jump
  • More achievement, more coins and more money to gather
  • Additions to the new features, unlock your favorite character and get the special forces indulges in the character
  • Bigger monkey compare to the new first installment of the game

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